Get Ready to Talk to AI Every Day with Snapchat’s My AI Chatbot: Is This the Future of Messaging?

Snapchat’s new chatbot, “My AI,” powered by the latest version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, is causing a stir among social media enthusiasts.

The bot, which will only be available to paying Snapchat Plus subscribers for now, is a sign of things to come as AI chatbots are set to become a fixture in people’s daily lives.

What is Snapchat’s My AI?

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel has said that “talking to AI every day” is the future, and Snapchat is well-positioned to make it happen. My AI is designed to be more restricted than ChatGPT, adhering to the company’s trust and safety guidelines.

It won’t give responses that include swearing, violence, sexually explicit content, or opinions on sensitive topics like politics. The bot will also be monitored for inappropriate content as it becomes more widely used.

How does Snapchat’s My AI work?

Snap’s implementation of ChatGPT treats generative AI as more of a persona than a search engine. My AI’s profile page looks like any other Snapchat user’s profile, suggesting that it is meant to be another friend inside the app.

This approach could save Snap from some of the headaches that other companies have experienced when implementing large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT.

The release of My AI is a boost for Snap, which has struggled in recent years. The chatbot will likely increase the company’s paid subscriber numbers in the short term, and could open up new revenue streams in the future.

Snap is one of the first clients of OpenAI’s new enterprise tier called Foundry, which lets companies run its latest GPT-3.5 model with dedicated computing designed for large workloads. Spiegel has said that Snap will likely incorporate LLMs from other vendors besides OpenAI over time, and that it will use the data gathered from the chatbot to inform its broader AI efforts.

As the chatbot revolution gathers pace, it seems we’re on the brink of a future where talking to AI is as common as talking to our friends and family. With My AI, Snapchat is taking the first steps on this exciting journey.

Snapchat’s My AI

Who can use Snapchat’s My AI?

Currently, Snapchat’s My AI is only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers, the AI chatbot is expected to be rolled out to all of Snapchat’s 750 million monthly users in the future.

My AI aims to offer users a unique chat experience, one that is not only restricted to human conversation but also with AI.

The chatbot has been trained to adhere to Snapchat’s safety guidelines, ensuring that it provides appropriate responses without any explicit content.

With My AI, Snapchat users can now engage in conversations with an AI-powered chatbot, adding another dimension to their messaging experience.

As the first client of OpenAI’s Foundry enterprise tier, Snap plans to leverage other vendors’ large language models in the future and gather data to inform broader AI efforts.

Frequently asked questions about Snapchat’s My AI

  1. What is My AI?

    My AI is a chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT that is integrated into Snapchat’s messaging app.

  2. How do I access My AI?

    My AI is currently only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers, who can access it by clicking on the My AI button in the app’s chat tab.

  3. Is My AI safe to use?

    Yes. Snap’s employees have trained My AI to adhere to the company’s trust and safety guidelines and not give responses that include swearing, violence, sexually explicit content, or opinions about dicey topics like politics.

  4. Will My AI become available to all Snapchat users?

    The goal is to eventually make My AI available to all of Snapchat’s 750 million monthly users.

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